Vendor Policy

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Updated March 23, 2011

The following Policy is intended to provide information about the manner in which Aegis approaches the marketplace to fulfill Association maintenance needs, the hierarchy of authority for our clients, and a brief description of our routine bid development processes. It is not intended as an exhaustive listing of the operating practices of Aegis, nor is it a rigid outline of the manner in which every bid process will be carried out for every Association client. However, it does offer a general framework in which you, as a third party, can expect to participate in by your inclusion on the Aegis Vendor List.

Dear Vendor:

Aegis Community Management Solutions (“Aegis”) is a local provider of community association management services throughout Osceola, Polk, Lake, Orange, St Lucie, Flagler, and St Johns Counties. ‘Community Associations’ may consist of condominiums including high-rise buildings, mid-rise buildings, villas, or office park style communities, and homeowners associations of either detached single family or attached townhome style dwellings. We do not currently offer services for cooperatives, mobile home parks, recreational condominiums, or warehousing/storage condominiums. With the exception of office park condominiums, Aegis does not manage commercial property of any type.

Our clients, each of whom are governed by a Board elected by and from among the homeowners, have broad needs ranging from recurring routine maintenance, deferred maintenance, disaster response, general repairs, preventative maintenance, remediation, mitigation, and/or environmental monitoring upon the common property or buildings of the Association. These Associations engage Aegis to manage the completion of the work necessary to properly maintain the community property or buildings. These services may be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or at any other appropriate interval as provided in the maintenance plans for the subject Association.


As you may know, Aegis serves as a third party managing agent for our clients. Our capacity is one of advice and guidance only. While most of our clients rely heavily on our expertise, the decision to approve one contract over any other is ultimately the sole decision of the Board of Directors. These decisions, along with advice offered by Aegis, may be based on price, previous experiences, references, perceived value, or any other number of factors. In accordance with our policies, Aegis will secure appropriate proposals and other relevant information from vendors and supply them, along with interpretive information as necessary, for review and consideration by the Board of Directors. It is the Board who will render the decisions and not any Aegis team member.

Bid Development and Management

Please consider the following information regarding the development and provision of work proposals submitted for Aegis clients.

Request for Proposal

These Requests may be complex or simple, depending on the need. They may include a Cover Letter with submission deadlines, Aegis contact information, Association name, scope of work, proposed contract to be used, pre-bid conference information, proposed start date, blueprints or technical drawings, maps of service area, and bid delivery information.

Scope of Services

The Aegis team member managing the bid process, will first develop a scope of services for a specific project or contract. These specifications may be as comprehensive as engineered blueprints and provided by third party experts, or they may be simpler specifications developed from a template document or previous work. In both cases, the Board of Directors shall approve the contract specifications before the bidding process begins.

The proposal submitted must be based entirely on the scope of services provided. Association clients will not tolerate spending valuable time attempting to interpret or adjust proposals because of variations from the scope of services. Upon receipt, the Aegis team members will confirm that no deviations have been made from the scope of services before presenting the same to the Board. Proposals that include such deviations may be returned to the vendor.

However, your expertise is valued by Aegis and our clients. If you find that the scope of services is insufficient or otherwise inappropriate, please make such remarks on an addendum to the proposal and price the same, while not affecting the “scope-based’ price, accordingly.


In some cases, the Association may provide a copy of the contract they intend to utilize for the work. With the exception of changing the scope of work or work specifications, you may make written contract changes on the sample contract for review by the Board of Directors or their legal counsel. If there is no contract included in the bid submission package, you may submit your contract with your proposal for review by the Board of Directors or their legal counsel.

Map(s) of the Subject Service Area

As appropriate, the bid submission package may include a map or drawing of the service area. Please pay special attention to these maps and/or drawings as they may limit or extend coverage areas.

Pre-bid Meetings

As necessary, the Aegis team member may schedule a pre-bid meeting with all vendors to review, on-site, the contract provisions and scope of work. In these cases, a visual inspection may yield a better understanding the project or work and all vendors are encouraged to attend these meetings. Additional meetings may be held at the sole discretion of the Aegis team member or the Board of Directors.

Conflicts of Interest

Aegis does not own or maintain any financial relationship whatsoever with vendors of any type. Therefore, when Aegis is directed by its clients to seek competitive proposals for a specific scope of work, we will seek these proposals from across the true range of the marketplace. As a vendor, you can therefore be certain that your ability to effectively compete in the marketplace and to provide the appropriate level of service and communication will meaningfully impact your ability to secure Association business. As a vendor, you can also be certain that Aegis is not seeking your proposal to merely “fill out” their bid requirements, knowing in advance that another vendor will be awarded the work

Gifts or other inducements

Aegis strives to build trust and confidence between Aegis, its clients, and third party vendors. A true arms-length relationship with the marketplace is one tool in that endeavor. Therefore, it is the policy at Aegis that Community Managers and other Aegis team members are prohibited from accepting any gift, incentive, or any other thing of value from any third party vendor. Accepting such inducements from any vendor subjects the Aegis team member to immediate termination and will result in the removal of the vendor from the Aegis Vendor List.

The Aegis Vendor List

Vendors that meet the minimum requirements and complete the attached application found herein shall be added to the Aegis Vendor List. All Aegis team members have access to this list and it is used to locate vendors who have experience with the Aegis bid processes and have agreed in advance to comply with the operating rules and guidelines that Aegis has set. Please be advised that the Aegis Vendor List should not be construed in any way as a recommendation or endorsement of any vendor. The Board of Directors and any Aegis team member is free to seek proposals from any vendor or his or her choosing, whether they are on the Aegis Vendor List or otherwise. Inclusion on the Aegis Vendor List will not result in any preferential treatment during the Board’s review and deliberation of the proposals received. Further, Aegis makes no representations whatsoever regarding quality, timeliness, professionalism, or adequacy of any vendor and once approved, vendors shall only be removed from the Aegis Vendor List for violations of the Aegis policies referenced herein.

Insurance Requirements

Our management contracts require that we seek only fully licensed and insured vendors for any work that will be accomplished on the property of any Association. All vendors shall a Certificate of Insurance, forwarded to Aegis directly from the insurance carrier, evidencing the following coverage.

  • General Liability in aggregate limits not less than $500,000.
  • Workers Compensation including bodily injury, irrespective of whether vendor is exempt from the statute by virtue of any statutory provision.

These certificates may name the Certificate Holder and be forwarded by mail or fax (863-256-5059) as follows:

Aegis Community Mgmt Solutions
8390 Championsgate Blvd Suite 304
Championsgate FL 33896

In certain circumstances, the subject scope of work may require additional insurance coverage, for additional parties to added as Certificate Holders, or for additional parties to be added as Named Insured. These additional requirements are not a part of the Aegis Vendor List and will be addressed during the bid development process as necessary.

Application for inclusion on Aegis Vendor List

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