Self Managed Solutions

Aegis offers management services that are not only cutting edge but professional and dependable. Nonetheless and notwithstanding the very real liability to which each individual Board member is exposed, self-managed community associations have an intrinsic value that should not be overlooked and can sometimes be the most effective choice.

However, the sheer volume of paperwork and reporting, accounting, regulatory compliance, assessment collection, and the myriad of other day-to-day responsibilities unfairly burden community leaders, obscuring the true objectives of the community. This drain on time and energy robs the Board of not only their personal time but also of their ability to focus on strategic planning and effective governance for their community. Further, the majority of the personal liability that exists for Board members is rooted in the mundane details of community management and not in the functions true leadership.

Aegis has developed a boutique service called Aegis Solutions for those communities that prefer to continue operating as a self managed community, but would like to ease the “heavy-lifting” of managing the community. Consider the time the Board spends on the following responsibilities, all of which are included in the standard Aegis Solutions contract.

Aegis uses state of the art software and other systems to provide complete, accurate, and timely accounting records for our clients including:
♦ Full monthly financial statements including reconciled bank statements, paid invoices, and other relevant documents.
♦ Budget forecasting, development, and management
♦ All Accounts Receivable services including assessment billing, all collection services, ACH payment options for owner assessments, owner accounting statement and data record maintenance, and special assessment tracking.
♦ Preparation of estoppel letters for re-sales
♦ All Accounts Payable services including vendor insurance verification, lien law
compliance, approved invoice payment, and IRS 1099 and W-9 reporting.
♦ Coordination of annual audits and tax returns.
♦ Bank account and investment vehicle management and tracking
♦ Assistance with reserve analyses.

Community Administration
♦ Filing of Florida Uniform Business Report
♦ Lease and resale approval in accordance with the governing documents
♦ Coordination of community website with secure access to owner account balances, governing documents, etc.
♦ Insurance policy management and renewals.
♦ Assistance in the development of uniform operating policies.
♦ Development of contract specifications and bid management
♦ Assistance with regulatory compliance including State Statutes, federal laws such as ADA and Fair Housing Act, and local ordinances.
♦ Repository for the Official Records of the Association.
♦ Serve as Registered Agent with the State of Florida.
♦ Assistance with community mailings and other correspondence including Annual and Special Members Meetings.
♦ Preparation of Aegis Solution flow chart for any Members meeting
♦ Transcribe recorded meeting minutes into typewritten form.
♦ Coordination of State condo fees if applicable.
♦ Assistance with fair processes for rules enforcement.

On Call Consultation Services
The passage of a special assessment, the collection of owner voting, turnover to owner control, potentially contentious meetings, and rules enforcement are just a few of the times where the Board could benefit from professional assistance. With Aegis Solutions, your community has access to this guidance on a per hour basis. Whether it is administrating a voting process or serving as a neutral third party for any reason, Aegis can help.

Most of these services are fully customizable to fit with your community’s unique needs and desires. And with the above services starting at only $350.00 per month, the Aegis Solution offers more bang for the buck than any other alternative.

The Board was elected to serve as true leaders, not as mere workhorses. By contracting with Aegis, the Board can fulfill their true objectives of building community harmony and spirit, protecting property values, and planning for a successful future. Call Aegis today at 863-256-5052 x 226 or visit us online at Request A Proposal.