Developer Solutions

Homebuilding in Florida has its share of challenges. Dealing with labor and land shortages, environmental issues, and skyrocketing materials costs are enough to manage without the resource draining problems arising out of your community associations.

♦ Is your staff bogged down by the continual flow of phone calls, petty complaints, keeping the HOA accounting records, and all of the other day-to-day affairs of the homeowners associations?

♦ Are hostile turnovers to owner control wasting your valuable time?

♦ Are you concerned about the rising liability to which your company is exposed because of these homeowner’s associations?

♦ Have you had closings delayed by incomplete HOA paperwork?

♦ Would you like to free your staff and resources for more important tasks and continue to build a positive brand image for your company?

Aegis Community Management Solutions, Inc. is your solution.

What we do.
Aegis provides full service management solutions for planned communities from developer concept to long term operations and self-governance. We partner with our developer clients to create and manage sustainable and responsible community associations throughout all phases of development and beyond. Naturally, we offer a full complement of customary services such as accounting and budgeting, property inspections and maintenance planning, bid specifications and the contract management, assessment collection and covenant enforcement, board direction and regulatory compliance, records and data management, and so on.

But Aegis goes beyond the customary. We employ fully integrated and proven strategies for creating truly successful and harmonious communities including the development of the restrictive covenants and uniform operating policies, development of governance and leadership models, sales force and Board member education, new owner orientations, and turnover planning. The Aegis preventative management system incorporates advanced and equitable solutions to common community problems like assessment collection, rules enforcement, fair bidding, and dispute resolution. These services can translate to reduced exposures to risk, less wasted time, and most importantly, a more enjoyable homeownership experience for your valuable customers.

Who we are.
Aegis is dedicated to the creation and management of viable and equitable planned communities in Polk County and is one of very few locally owned companies focused exclusively on that objective. Our principal is a twenty year veteran of the community association management industry and is currently one of the few licensed Community Association Managers in Central Florida who has been awarded the prestigious AMS® and PCAM® designations by the Community Associations Institute, the premier nationwide advocate for community associations of all types.

Fully licensed and insured, we employ state-of-the-art technology and have developed productive relationships with industry leaders in banking, insurance, and technology to help us effectively meet the needs and desires of our clients. Best of all, our heavy investment in technology allows us the time to offer an unparalleled level of client care and service. We are not a real estate company providing back office management services only to compete for rental or sales listings.

Across Florida and elsewhere, homebuilders are finding that their customers are increasingly knowledgeable of planned communities and are responding to more and more requests for community budgets, financial statements, and copies of the governing documents. Developers are also finding that they face rising liability risks for claims arising out of community association operations. Although these risks are very real, the solutions are simple and can be obtained at a comparably low net cost to you.

For more information on how we can streamline your development operations, save you time and money, insulate you from liability, and help you continue to build your loyal customer base, click on “Request a Proposal” or call us today at 863-256-5052 x 226 to find out how Aegis can become an indispensable asset to your development operations.